100,000 OCTANE Token Airdrop for Early Testnet Users

Octane Finance
2 min readJul 12, 2021

We are thrilled to share that we are just a few nights away from our testnet launch. To share this excitement, we are launching Octane’s very first airdrop of 100,000 OCTANE tokens to the early testnet users.

100,000 Octane Airdrop


First 1,000 testnet participants will receive airdrop tokens. The earlier you are the larger the airdrop.

The airdrop rewards will start from the very first participant. The distribution is as follows:

1 - 250 Participants : 50,000 OCTANE tokens (200 each)

251 - 500 Participants : 25,000 OCTANE tokens (100 each)

501 - 1000 Participants : 25,000 OCTANE tokens (50 each)

How to Participate?

To participate you’ll have to use Octane’s testnet app

Connect your Metamask wallet with Rinkeby Network and complete a limit order flow by performing the following actions

  1. Place Order
    Place a buy/sell limit order with limit price.
  2. Execute Order
    Execute active limit orders https://beta.octane.finance/execute
  3. Withdraw Order
    Once your order is executed at the limit price, withdraw your executed funds.

Details on how to Place Order & Withdraw Funds will be released soon with the testnet launch post.

After completing a limit order flow, tweet about your experience. Don’t forget to mention @octane_finance

When will I get airdrop

All testnet participants will receive airdrop 30 days after the public listing. Join our social channels for public sale announcement.

You will be eligible for the airdrop after official testnet launch which is on 14th July 2:30 PM UTC

Learn more about OCTANE token use-case and tokenomics here

About Octane

Octane is a fully decentralized rewarding limit order platform driven by network of executors. The Octane team consists of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals who have been part of blockchain space since the launch of its early DeFi protocols.
For more information, please visit https://octane.finance/

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