Octane Mainnet beta is live on BSC!

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3 min readOct 21, 2021


We are extremely excited to announce our much awaited mainnet launch on Binance Smart Chain. We invite you all to try out the our mainnet dApp.

*Octane Mainnet dApp is in beta and not audited yet. Please use the dApp at your own risk.*

How to access the dApp?

  1. Head on to beta.octane.finance
  2. Connect using Metamask (ensure that you’re connected to Binance Smart Chain)
  3. Try your first limit order for BNB/BUSD pair

Core Protocol Contracts

Octane : 0x563AF5Db2Ad4d22A9807D65F14aE88F71101A2bd
VenusHandler :
PancakeSwapHandler :

Create Order

Create a limit order by selecting the trading pair (BNB/BUSD), side (buy/sell), amount, and limit price. Once you create the order, src token will be sent to Venus protocol to generate interest. You can cancel your order anytime (You will still receive interest generated till that time.).

Track Order

You can track your order status, gains, limit conditions etc from the list of active/past orders. Created and Executed orders are shown under the active orders tab. Cancelled and Withdrawn orders are shown under the past orders tab.

track order

Withdraw Order

Once your limit order is executed, you will still generate APY on your destination tokens. (You can withdraw order funds + gains anytime.).

Order Fee

A fee of 0.3% is charged on the limit order for swapping tokens, this is distributed to the executor network.

Executor Network

An executor network monitors and competes for executing pending limit orders to get rewarded by the transaction fees. Executors receive 0.3% fees of the order value as rewards for executing orders.

Anyone with web3 wallet can participate in the network to become an executor. To keep it super simple, we have an executors tab with a very intuitive user interface where anyone can just go and execute the orders as per their convenience (Ensure that you’ve enough BNB to execute the transaction)

Order execution will be failed in the following conditions:

If buy order
Current price greater than limit price

If sell order
Current price less than limit price

We have also deployed executor engine bots making the execution process of limit orders more reliable. Code for executor engine is available here, for anyone to participate and create their own bots for even more robust order execution.

Next Steps

We are in process of auditing protocol’s contract code. Post audit have more exciting announcements. Stay Tuned!

About Octane

Octane is a fully decentralized rewarding limit order platform driven by network of executors. The Octane team consists of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals who have been part of blockchain space since the launch of its early DeFi protocols.
For more information, please visit https://octane.finance/

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