Octane & Octane-BUSD staking is live!! A Step by Step Guide.

Stake and Earn Octane at staking.octane.finance

What is $OCTANE staking program?

Active participation and incentives aligned to the community drives long term sustainability, 45% of total $OCTANE supply is allocated to community. In the first year of staking we’re are planning to reward 22% from 45% community tokens (10% of total supply) for staking $OCTANE and $OCTANE-$BUSD LP tokens.

What is $OCTANE?

OCTANE is a deflationary utility and governance token. The token utility is to provide protocol fees and APY generated on limit orders.

$OCTANE staking

Head on to staking.octane.finance & connect wallet (make sure you’re on BSC network)

Octane staking

$OCTANE-$BUSD LP staking

Head on to https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pool/0x39bfae0c96bdc69dc657e381c272997f66cbf9c1


How min & max amount I can stake?
There’s no min & max, you can stake any amounts as per your risk appetite, but more you stake better the rewards.

Have more questions? Ask the community!

We want you to be very keen player in our ecosystem! Come and join us on our telegram group.



Decentralised Limit orders fuelled by market making

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