Updates & Upcoming Events Aug-Sep 2021

We received great feedback from our testnet launch. These are the following key changes made:

We have build and deployed an executor engine which auto executes all pending limit orders based on the limit conditions (limit price, buy/sell amount etc). We’ll be making this engine open source soon, for community members to build their own engines with custom execution, encouraging participation of more executors in the network.

We saw a lot of users testing the dApp on mobile. We have optimized the dApp to be mobile friendly. Do try to open beta.octane.finance on your mobile browsers with web3 wallet compatibility.

We have implemented real time updates between the client app and contract for super easy user experience while using the dApp.

All these and more changes are made with each step taking us closer to the mainnet beta launch.

With a lot of improvements we plan to launch our mainnet beta product by early October 2021. Will announce all details close to the launch.

Octane’s IDO will be around 21st September 2021 conducted with the help of DuckStarter, MantraDao(Zendit) and Trustpad. More details related to the IDO will be announced soon.

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